Baby Changing Table Supplies
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Baby Changing Table Supplies

Frequent diaper changes come with the territory when you have a baby. A well-stocked changing table streamlines the process each time you have a dirty diaper to tackle. An organizational system, such as baskets or storage drawers, keeps the changing table supplies even more convenient. Keep backups of all the diapering supplies on hand so you aren’t caught without the necessities.

Diapers & Wipes

The diapers and wipes are the core of the diaper changing station supplies. A diaper hanger just above the table is one storage option. A basket also works well for holding diapers. If you have a lot of diapers on hand, fill the hanger or basket and store the rest somewhere else to avoid overcrowding the changing table. If you cloth diaper your baby, you might have extra supplies, such as diaper pins or closures and diaper covers. Keep a tub of baby wipes where you can easily reach them. This makes messy diaper changes easier because you don’t have to reach for the wipes.


Diaper cream is another supply that most people keep at the changing table. You won’t need it every day, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time digging for it when your child gets a diaper rash. A bottle of lotion is useful, especially during the winter when skin tends to be dry. Keeping the lotion nearby allows you to easily apply it to your baby’s skin when you’re changing her clothes.

Changing Pad

A changing pad on top of the changing table adds a comfy factor for your baby. The pads often include straps to prevent your child from rolling off. Look for a pad with a removable cover. At some point, you’ll likely encounter a mess on the pad, so a removable cover makes cleanup easier.

Diaper Pail

A diaper pail near the changing table allows you to toss the dirty diaper as soon as you’ve taken it off. The pail also keeps the dirty diapers and smell contained to one location, rather than stinking up the regular trash cans throughout the house. A diaper pail with a step opening mechanism allows you to use your feet to open the lid for easy diaper disposal.


Soft toys or other baby-friendly distractions make the changing process easier for some parents. Keep a few washable toys on the changing table for easy access. Choosing washable toys is useful in case one gets tossed into the dirty diaper. Another option is to hang a peg or nail on the wall near the table for a hanging toy. Your baby can reach for the toy and play with it while you handle the dirty work.

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