Surviving Infidelity: Chapter 1
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Surviving Infidelity: Chapter 1

You meet someone and over the course of time, you fall in love and before you know it, you’re having a baby. A baby! The greatest gift given to mankind – the ability to procreate.

11 months ago, I was blessed with the wonderful gift of motherhood. And I don’t have any words to express just how happy I feel deep down in my soul to be a mom to my baby girl. That happiness was even sweeter because I was also madly in love with my boyfriend of nearly three years.

Two months ago, my life, as I knew it, came to a screeching halt when I found out that my loving and caring boyfriend had been having one year affair with a coworker. I don’t like to use the word affair; it makes it sound less horrible. He CHEATED on me. He BETRAYED me, my trust, our family, our baby – essentially everything that we’ve built for the past three years. It is an incredibly painful ordeal that I am going and thankfully I have the love and support of my family and friends.

I struggled with whether or not I should tell anyone, especially my blog followers about the infidelity. I felt ashamed, as though I was a failure. Then I realized I didn’t do anything wrong and by not saying anything, it meant that I was OK with his infidelity. I thought if I didn’t say anything, I’d be enabling him to continue to cheat and I was not at all OK with it.

There are several layers to my story, which I do intend to share with you as much as I feel comfortable. So in the next few posts, I’ll be sharing my story with you. I am hoping this will be an interactive process where you can feel free to share your thoughts / comments / opinions.

I’d like to look at it as a forum for us as mothers and women who love so deeply to talk about the pain infidelity can cause. I am still grappling with everything. I still have moments where I break down because I don’t know how or why he could have done this. How do I move on? Will it get better? Should I feel like a failure because I sometimes do?

So join me as I begin a new chapter, as I start a new path with my daughter.

Have you ever been cheated on or know someone who was cheated on?

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