Clothes to Hide Pregnancy
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Clothes to Hide Pregnancy

If you’re starting to show but aren’t quite ready to tell friends, family or co-workers about your pregnancy, clothes that hide your growing belly can be a help. Traditional maternity fashions will make you look more pregnant, rather than less, but choosing slightly oversized clothing in different styles can help you disguise your pregnancy.

The Trimesters

Your success at disguising your pregnancy will depend upon how far along you are. Many people prefer to keep their pregnancies a secret throughout the first trimester, and depending upon how you carry, you may be able to successfully disguise your belly well into the second trimester. In the third trimester, you are unlikely to successfully hide your pregnancy unless you carry quite small, but may be able to draw attention away from your belly with the right fashion choices.

Clothing Styles

To disguise your pregnancy easily, skip maternity clothes altogether in favor of fashionable, flowy non-maternity fashions. Pants with a low rise, elastic waist or drawstring can accommodate your pregnancy, while baby-doll styles, empire waists or flowing tunics will hide your growing midsection. Or choose traditional maternity styles in simple cuts and colors, selecting pants and skirts that include a button and zippers rather than the knit maternity panels.

Use What You Have

Some of your favorite garments can work through your pregnancy, helping to distract from your new wardrobe and fashion choices. In the first trimester and for some women, into the second, stretch the waistband of your pants with a button extender from the maternity store or a hair elastic looped through the buttonhole and around the button, covered by a tunic top. You can stretch the life of your non-maternity tops or pants by covering your waist with a ribbed knit belly band to account for too short tops or hide pants fastened with an extender.

Slimming Choices

Traditional tips to help you look slimmer still work when you are expecting. Dark colors and strong verticals can help to slim your increasingly pear-like silhouette. Opt for garments that create a long, lean monochromatic look and break up your midsection with a cardigan, jacket or long scarf. Skip tops and dresses with gathers or pleats over the belly, even if they offer adequate room for your growing middle.


Draw attention away from your belly with color or sparkle. Bold necklaces, earrings, or scarves can help to keep attention on your face, not your body. If you have favorites from before your pregnancy, continue wearing them. If not, new accessories and a fresh hairstyle will help to keep you feeling pretty throughout your pregnancy.

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