How to Date While Pregnant
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How to Date While Pregnant

If you’re single and pregnant, you may think that dating is off limits to you. Some guys run from the idea of having a child in the near future, especially one they are not biologically tied to, so you may think that finding a guy who’ll want to be with you and your baby-to-be will be nearly impossible. There are plenty of men out there who wouldn’t mind dating a pregnant woman. Be yourself, be honest and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t deserve you and your future child.

Be Upfront

Tell him you’re pregnant right away, if he doesn’t already know. Don’t be coy about it or drop little hints. Say something along the lines of "you should know that I’m pregnant" when you make the date with him. You’ll give him a chance to duck out before spending money or becoming emotionally involved if you let him know upfront. If you are have an online profile, mention your pregnancy in the profile.

Maintain Standards

Keep your standards high. Whoever you date during your pregnancy may end up having a big role in your baby’s life, so only go out with men who are respectful.

Don’t Settle

Break things off if the guy you are dating doesn’t do it for you. Don’t feel that you have to settle for a sub-par boyfriend because you’re pregnant and won’t get a better offer.

Take it Slow

Take things slowly, especially if you’ve just gotten out of a relationship with the father of your baby. Introduce your new beau to your friends and get their feedback on him.

Look for "Red Flags"

Look for "red flags" in the guy you are dating. Red flags, such as jealous behavior or possessiveness, are dangerous enough when you don’t have a baby to think about. If he exhibits any behavior that has you on edge, consider ending the relationship. Also, make sure the man you are dating is okay with the fact that you’re going to have a child soon. You may not want him to take on the role of father, but he should at least be able to acknowledge that a baby will soon appear, which will change the way your life functions.

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