Layered Haircut Styles for Women
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Layered Haircut Styles for Women

Layered hair is cut into different lengths, typically with shorter layers near the face or through the crown. Layers can add volume or movement to short, medium or long hair or can give your hairstyle a distinct shape. If you’re looking for a change from blunt cut hair, adding some layers can freshen your style.

Short Cuts

Many short hair styles rely upon layers to provide shape to the style. Short shags are a classic layered look that can work well for straight or wavy hair. This soft style has a bit of additional length along the back with shorter sides, crown and bangs. The layers provide volume and height. While the classic bob is blunt cut, if you have natural waves, adding layers can provide movement and bring out your natural curls. Use a texturizing paste to bring out the best in your short layers.

Medium Length Hair

Medium lengths range from below the chin to around shoulder length. This length is easy to wear and versatile. Longer shags and layered bobs fall into this category and may offer more styling versatility than shorter versions of these styles. Blown smooth with a round brush, medium length layers can look neat and professional or can be soft and tousled for a more casual look. Flat ironed layers on a medium cut can look modern and edgy.

Long Locks

Adding layers to your long hair can frame your face and add volume and movement. Layers can be cut into hair throughout or you can just have a few placed near your face. Long layered locks can be worn with or without bangs and offer a wide range of styling possibilities. You can opt to wear your hair up or down and in waves, curls or straightened. Layers offer you a change while preserving your length and styling options.

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