Dog Owner Parenting Tips
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Dog Owner Parenting Tips

Parenting can be challenging, let alone doing it while raising a puppy! A great thing for parents to know is that children, no matter what age, are always looking to you for guidance and so is your dog!

Paws For A Minute™ Dog Training Tips for Parents: Children 3 Years & Up 

1. Talk to your kids at bedtime. The focus is different and it allows for the positive to come out. Spend a few minutes reflecting, not reprimanding your child for poking or squeezing the family dog. That way you’re both characterizing what your dog means to the family and all of the good qualities about him. This reminds your child that a dog is not a toy.

2. Begin a photo album exclusively about your dog and child. This is a creative way to include your them in the process of owning a dog. Include photos identifying daily tasks such as feeding, walking, training and going to the vet. Isolating each task is a fun way to teach your child the importance of your dog’s daily routine. 

3. Mommy madness! Don’t get flustered, get organized. Adding a puppy to your family can be fun and exhausting all at the same time. Breathe and write down on a piece of paper what you observe in terms of the interaction between your puppy and your children. Note how your children are picking up the puppy, is your puppy teething, and how is each child is responding to the new pet? This information will allow you to step back and address each issue calmly at a later time instead of reacting by chanting the word don’t, endlessly.

Remember, a little reverse psychology goes a long way.  Have a great day!

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