5 Great Apps for Traveling with Kids
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5 Great Apps for Traveling with Kids

Planning to take a summer vacation road trip with your little ones? Long car rides can lead to fights, tears and total meltdowns.

But fear not! We’ve got a great list of apps that are sure to keep kids entertained for miles and miles!

Barbie® Fashionistas®

For little girls who love to play dress-up, check out the Barbie® Fashionistas® Endless Closet™ app. They can mix and match trendy looks for the dolls and even create their own custom designs!

Barbie® Fashionistas® by Mattel, Inc. on iTunes

Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™

For an action-packed adventure, download the Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™ app – it takes kids on missions at the top secret Hot Wheels Test Facility and gives them the chance to bash, crash, blast and drift to the finish line. You can also purchase an Apptivity Hot Wheels car to bring the racing experience to the next level by combining physical and digital play.

Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™ by Mattel, Inc. on iTunes

DragonBox+ Algebra

This great educational game secretly teaches you algebra! It’s perfect for giving your child a head start in mathematics and algebra. In fact, children as young as 4 have solved equations meant for a 15 year old!

DragonBox+ Algebra by WeWantToKnow AS on iTunes

The Flying Alphabetinis

This fun word game is great to play with the whole family! Who are the Alphabetinis? They are tiny acrobats with letters on their bellies. Alphabetinis hop, flip and repel into a stunt formation, called a letter jumble. Then the fun begins! In this first turn-based multi-player word puzzle game for children, The Flying Alphabetinis brings Circus fun to fast paced word creation. Love!

The Flying Alphabetinis by Fingerprint on iTunes

Monster High™ Ghoul Box™

If you have a freaky fabulous tween who can’t get enough of Monster High, download the Monster High™ Ghoul Box™ app to explore the lockers at Monster High. They can uncover their destiny with the Monster High ™ M.A.S.H., send encrypted messages to their friends with the Monster Messager ™, take photos down under with the Lagoona Cam ™ and more.

Monster High™ Ghoul Box™ by Mattel, Inc. on iTunes

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