Push Yourself to the Limit
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Push Yourself to the Limit

It finally feels like summer in Malibu. I felt guilty watching the blizzard in Denver this morning on the news as David and I and our Shepherds headed out for a hike. There are so many gorgeous hiking trails in our area that I never take the time to enjoy. Today we decided to do something different and we rediscovered a waterfall hike that we explored when we first stared dating. It was a trip and comforting to see that some things don’t change much.

I had a crazy workweek. Aside from DWTS, I shot 2 new commercials. It was a running spot for Sketchers in the Malibu canyons, and one of the most challenging workdays I’ve ever had. I always love to push myself to my limits, and running in that gorgeous setting awakened something in me. Something about the fresh air, the speed, the silence, nature, and the peaceful feeling that I can’t always capture at home. My home vibe is the most comforting space I know, but it is far from peaceful. Even though I worked my ass off at that shoot, it was an incredible experience and it made me want to RUN A MATRATHON!!! Honestly, running a marathon has always been a secret goal, but one I never thought I could pull off. Now I figure, why the hell not do my impossible and challenge my limits. So don’t be surprised if you see me running for a cause and raising money for something more important than me.

On an early morning run in the SKECHERS Pro-Speed with Shape-ups Technology in  beautiful Malibu

Ever wonder what your potential is? What about your children’s potential? My oldest daughter has been obsessed with singing for years. I spent some time this past year turning her on to different styles of music- classic, old soul, & some of the all-time greats. She asked me to get a voice coach for her. Honestly I have been trying to down play any interest that my kids have expressed in the industry…for many reasons, but I am also not a talent squasher! She blew me away this week and now I am in hot pursuit of helping her realize her dream. She is better than she thinks she is, but not better than I think she can be. Shouldn’t we all give ourselves that much support? Every child deserves it and so do we!

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