How Positive Affirmations Can Help You Attain Your Health Goals
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How Positive Affirmations Can Help You Attain Your Health Goals

The brain cannot see or hear – it only reacts to the information that you feed it. Positive affirmations are your brain’s way of redirecting your body’s energy to keep you motivated. Negative affirmations like: “I am always tired” or “I can’t ever do anything right” only serve to reinforce negative energy and stand in the way of your progress.

I always like a good inspirational quote, and I have taped many to my wall, but I always thought affirmations were kind of silly. After I had my second child, I was really serious about getting back in shape, so I purchased an E-book called "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle" by Tom Venuto. After reading a few pages, the “program” strongly recommended to come up with some affirmations and also keep a food diary. I will save food journaling for another post, but I came up with quite a few affirmations including things like “I am happy to exercise today”, “I am getting back in shape”, “I am a better mom when I feel good about my health and fitness”.

I was still skeptical about the whole affirmation thing, but I figured if I spent the money on this program, I should give it my all. To this day, I still have many of those affirmations posted on my wall, and they made (and make) a huge difference in my motivation, self acceptance, and desire to do great every day.

Here are some ideas for affirmations if you aren’t sure how to get started. Try it. You will be surprised at how one little sentence will change your day!

For Exercise:

• Exercise makes me feel good.
• I feel healthier when I exercise.
• I look better when I exercise and it shows.
• I have more energy when I exercise.
• I am becoming stronger every day.
• I get more accomplished when I exercise.
• I look better in my clothes when I exercise.
• I can handle life’s challenges when I exercise.
• My diet is easier to maintain because I exercise.

For Diet:

• I will eat slowly and enjoy the taste of my food.
• My body is benefiting because I am taking charge of what I eat.
• The foods I eat will give me strength.
• I no longer want to eat foods that provide empty calories.
• Before I reach for a snack I will think about what I am putting into my body.
• I will always wait 10 minutes after eating before going back for seconds.
• I am grateful for my health and want to preserve it.
• I will not be judged by the number on the scale.
• I can make a difference in my own life.

Begin each day with your positive affirmations. Write them down where you can see them. Repeat them to yourself in the morning, before your workout, and remind yourself of them before you go to bed at night. Believe in yourself, be grateful for all that you have and all that you are right now!

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