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Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Served

The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men. – Minot J. Savage Every year, at the end of May, we take a day to honor those who have died for our country. Memorial Day is more than backyard barbecues – it’s a time to reflect and remember the approximately 1.3 million soldiers, not including those missing in action or wounded, who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Around the nation, we pay tribute to these brave men and women, with parades, dedications and services at monuments and memorials.

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Remember to Stay Active!

  As my kids start to get older and have more activities that they are involved in it has translated into more time in the car, which means less 'activity' time for mama.  My oldest daughter (7) has recently joined team for gymnastics, a 12hr a week commitment and a 40 min commute each direction…