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Do You Suffer From Blogger Elbow?

As a professional blogger and an amateur stay-at-home mom, I seem to develop a new ailment almost daily: swollen ankles from sitting all day, carpal tunnel from typing all day, busted eardrums from listening to Dora the Explorer all day. Seriously, Dora needs to explore her “inside voice.”

4 mins read

Today I’m A Mommy Blogger

Happy Friday readers! I just pulled into Starbucks to Blog. I was volunteering this morning for my sons schoolat the local bowling alley forhisPurim Bowlathon (for those of you that dont know, Purim is sort of likeour Jewish Halloween). The kidswere alldressed up and adorable, andran into the bowling alleyby the bus load, excited to play hookie for the morning. It was great fun.

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