4 mins read

Funny Pregnancy Tips

You’ve been to the doctor, the bookstore, the baby store and are ready to tell the world your big news–you are expecting. While the doctor is full of wise medical information on your condition, there are also a million books to help you along the way. The stores are also packed with advice-giving clerks and fellow mothers-to-be. You may find that what you really need is to discover the lighter, more humorous, side of being pregnant.

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Why Using a Professional Power Toothbrush Makes a Difference #OralBSponsored

Before receiving the Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 as part of a blog tour with Modern Mom my family was using the least expensive battery powered toothbrushes we could find from our local grocery store. I could definitely feel and see the difference using a power toothbrush was making over a manual one. However, the Oral-B Professional not only feels 10x better than the battery powered brush I was using; it has also corrected my brushing habits.