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Autism-Only School Environments

Autism-Only School Environments Yet another article has inspired me to blog about a new topic. Is an autism-only schooling environment better or worse for a child on the autism spectrum? What a great discussion topic. My son was in a typical high school general education environment (a large school). He had two accommodations (down from…

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How the Environment is Affecting Your Reproductive Health

It’s no secret that reproductive health is sensitive to the characteristics of an individual’s environment and that these effects vary in different parts of the world. For instance, in populations with high rates of STDs or poor healthcare services, women’s risk of experiencing premature delivery, fetal loss or prenatal mortality are higher than normal as infections routinely go untreated.

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Ways for Kids to Help the Environment

From air pollution to global warming, environmental problems are a global issue. Children who are concerned about the environment can take action. While it may seem that small changes, such as bringing their school lunch in a reusable container rather than a brown paper bag, won’t make much of an effect, when many kids make small changes, the difference can be huge.