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An Exciting Night Out Without The Baby

The following is a guest post from Raquel D’Apice, founder of the humor/parenting blog, The Ugly Volvo.A transcript from the night when we excitedly went out to a restaurant and left the baby with my parents:Jonathan enters the restaurant grinning and sits down across from me. Jonathan: Ready for our hot date? Me: I know look at us going out to dinner like regular adults who dont have a baby …

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Exciting News!

Today I have some very exciting news to share with you! It is about my dear friend Aly, founder of Aly Dahl Designs. I am soooo extremely excited for her I just had to take a moment to spread the news. Two years ago after having children, Aly left her corporate job in the financial industry to follow her passion for handcrafting jewelry. Aly is a shining example of taking a risk to follow your heart, working hard, and turning dreams into reality.

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Exciting Times

Change when you embrace it can be a marvellous thing. Think about how wonderful it is that the world is changing. That in this day in age it is becoming more and more acceptable to take non-traditional routes. Now more than ever before we have more freedom to find paths that make the most sense for us.In todays times it is more acceptable to make decisions based on your heart as opposed to …

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Teen Talk

Calling all teens! We're excited to share a contributor volunteer opportunity at modernmom.com with you! Teens! Share to help others just like you! Are you passionate about writing or other forms of creative content creation (video, recipes, photos, or something else!) and eager to express your thoughts, opinions, and important perspectives on topics that matter…