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Mastering Family Dynamics: 14 Ways to Make Your Family Holiday Stress-Free

Discover expert tips and strategies for navigating the complexities of family dynamics during holiday gatherings. Learn how to communicate effectively, set realistic expectations, and practice self-care to ensure a harmonious and stress-free celebration.

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How to Tell If a Child Has Asthma

Asthma is a highly common breathing-related disorder that affects approximately five million American children, reports the American Academy of Pediatrics. Diagnosing this disorder quickly is important, as there are treatments that can prevent the problem from becoming even more difficult for your child to bear. If you think that your child may be one of the five million kids who suffer from asthma, be on the look out for some signs of the disorder, and share your concerns with his doctor as soon as possible.

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The Art of Throwing Things Away

Getting rid of things in your home can be a difficult task; it seems like we can always find reasons to hold on to items that we no longer need or use. But what happens when we just can’t bring ourselves to throw things away? We may imagine that we will need these items someday – but what would life look like without ownership of these objects? Within all of us there is a little hoarder addiction.

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Is Childhood Obesity Related to Poor Math Skills?

Every day, we hear about the side effects of childhood obesity. Increased risk for diabetes and heart disease, low self-esteem, and depression all make that list, and apparently, so should difficulty with math. According to a Child Development study that surveyed more than 6,250 individuals, children with persistent obesity (aka, starting in kindergarten) scored lower on math tests in grades one through five, than children without weight issues.