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Teen Clothing Fashion Tips

Navigating the ever-changing world of teen fashion can be quite a challenge. As a teen, selecting clothing that reflects your personality is one way to convey your personality in a visible manner. While there is no right or wrong way to dress, you can do some simple things to ensure that you don’t make a major fashion faux pas while experimenting with your special look.

4 mins read

Decoding a Man’s Hug

During the course of your week, you may be hugged in many different ways. How can you tell what the hug means, especially if it comes from a man? Women tend to hug friends and family enthusiastically, almost any time they meet together. However, men can be elusive and mysterious when doling out hugs. Here…

12 mins read

Use S.E.A.T. as a Tool to Understand Your Child With Special Needs

S.E.A.T. What does S.E.A.T. stand for and why can it help you evaluate your child’s behaviors? S.E.A.T. stands for Sensory, Escape, Attention, and Tangible. It is my understanding that SEAT is a tool used to help understand your child’s behavior by attempting to break down undesirable behaviors. SEAT helps you discover the purpose or reason or explanation behind a behavior, or why it occurred and what lead up to that behavior. Why is this important?

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Teenage Bedroom Styles

As a teen, your bedroom is a haven of privacy and an area all your own. This potentially private space allows you the opportunity to express your personality through interior decorating. How you opt to decorate your room speaks volumes about your interests and passions. When planning your decorating scheme, create an exciting and attractive room that truly reflects who you are.