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Teen Talk

Calling all teens! We're excited to share a contributor volunteer opportunity at modernmom.com with you!Teens! Share to help others just like you! Are you passionate about writing or other forms of creative content creation (video, recipes, photos, or something else!) and eager to express your thoughts, opinions, and important perspectives on topics that matter to…

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This year the holidays are different with family celebrations smaller and less friend get-togethers, but that doesn't mean that gift gifting can't still be ah-mazing! We've included unique gift ideas for everyone on your list. This year more than ever, we need to show each other that we care. While gifts are fun, sending a…

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Chances of Conceiving a Baby Girl

If you have a house full of testosterone–flowing through your partner and a truckload of sons–you are probably ready for a little more estrogen around the home. If a baby girl is in your dreams, you may be wondering how you can increase your chances. Whether you want a princess or a tom boy, your chances of conceiving a girl are the same.