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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Pending Divorce: Money Tips Before You Split

The ongoing custody battle between celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken an unexpected turn. Amid the legal proceedings, Joe and Sophie have reached a temporary agreement concerning their children’s living arrangements, preventing them from leaving the greater New York City area. This development comes shortly after Sophie Turner’s recent filing, where she expressed her intention to permanently relocate their children to the United Kingdom.

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Modern Wives, Retro Problems

We moms have recently had a darn good run as far as scintillating, empowering, enraging mommy commentary in the media goes, even without the Sheryl Sandberg explosion. Take this blog you are reading right now, which is going to review an article about a magazine – all about the frustrations of modern day motherhood! Extra bonus: thousands of comments from real live moms that accompany each article, blog and sidebar.

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Smartphone Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

Many people fear tax time, but it really isnt that difficult. There are a lot of resources that can help you properly fill the tax forms so that you get the right amount of money back, and there are even some great smartphone apps that are specifically created to make tax time even easier. These are the best and most helpful apps that you can use to help with your taxes. Most of them work with both iPhone and Android smartphones. TurboTax SnapTax