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6 Parenting Mistakes You’re Probably, Definitely Going To Make

If youre a perfect mom, then this article is not for you. For the rest of us, a perfect-mom-o-meter is likely nowhere to be found.Lets be real: As moms, we mess up. And for some, its quite a lot. Its like motherhood is a roller-coaster – we ride the ups and downs with elegance and humor. But then theres those times when we forget our seat-belts and fall off. It …

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Nick Lachey: We Definitely Want More Kids!

I love a hands-on dad… a dad that changes diapers, actually knows the babys routine and gushes over their little one. So I was thrilled to find that 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey is just that type of dad! I talked to Nick about everything from his must-have baby products and his new lullaby album to his TV show and his latest tour. This new dad is like any modern mom, trying to balance career and family. And I have to say he seems to be handling it pretty well. Working Dad