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5 Quick and Easy Exercises at Home For A Total Body Workout

You dont need an expensive gym membership or bulky equipment in your home to get a good workout. Grab some common items you have in your home and get ready to sculpt your body! Try the following fun workout three times a week and add some cardio to mix it up and burn some serious calories. Turn on the tunes and dance with your kids – great fun and burns calories too! Bottled Water Biceps

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Pre-Pregnancy Workouts

Working out and exercising can do wonders for your health. Getting too much exercise and working out too hard can also do a number on your health, especially if you are planning on becoming pregnant in the near future. Too much exercise can prevent ovulation or cause you to skip your period. You should still strive to workout, though. Just keep the workouts moderately tame, and don’t start training for a triathlon.

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The Best Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat

It may seem overwhelming, but you have to get a handle on those love handles while you get a chance. No matter how much fat has collected around your midline, the sooner you get it taken care of, the more you can tackle. The longer you take, the more fat will accumulate, making the job harder and harder. Burn it now; it’s worth it.

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The 5-Minute Cubicle Workout!

In our time-crunched lives, the excuse of having no time for exercise is becoming a staple. But we know we are designed to move and that we must do so to get and remain healthy. So what can we do? Somethings got to give.

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8 Simple Rules For a Safe Pregnancy Workout

When it comes to working out, it’s natural for pregnant moms to have questions and concerns. Don’t sweat it! With these eight simple rules for hitting the gym, you can save the perspiration for your sports bra and enjoy being active even when you’re expecting. Rule 1: Talk to Your Doctor