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Want to Get Sexy Yoga Abs? Here’s How!

Ever notice the sleek, beautiful lines of your yoga instructor’s abdominals? The truth is that every yoga pose demands the use of your core! Balancing, twisting and torqued all the while breathing. If you do not have time for a whole practice every day here are a few yoga ab options

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Yoga for Pregnant Mothers

Prenatal yoga is an exercise option for pregnant women that is growing in popularity. Staying active during pregnancy helps boost your energy levels and may even relieve some of the aches and pains you feel. For those who already practice yoga, prenatal yoga is a natural continuation of that practice. Those new to yoga can also benefit from the activity.

4 mins read

The Yoga Philosophy of Motherhood

Six years ago, when my body mutinied against the rigors of Stairmaster and daily jogging, I took up yoga. I quickly came to love the inner peace and physical flexibility it gave me. Since then I have taken roughly 900 yoga classes (not that Im braggingwell ok, yes, maybe I am).

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The Yoga Cure for Busy Moms

Having the toughest job in the world sure can’t be easy. I don’t know how you busy moms do it and I’m going to be coming back around for all of your wisdom when hopefully I get a shot at brining little people into the planet too! How do you make it look easy?