A Day In The Life Of A Dog
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A Day In The Life Of A Dog

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Do you ever really stop and smell the roses? Take time to really enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning? If you really want to learn how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, you just need to follow a dog around for a day.

A day in the life of Tyson:

6:25: Alarm goes off. Tyson wakes up but takes his time stretching. No rushing needed.

6:30: He spots the kitty on the bed and pounces on her. They wrestle and play on the bed.


6:40: He wanders into the kitchen and eats his breakfast while waiting for the kids to drop theirs.

6:55: He gets so excited to jump in the car to drop my son off at his carpool. The ride is 4 minutes but he gets petted and snuggled and tail can’t stop wagging.

7:03: Back at home and greets my daughter with face licks.

7:30: Runs in the backyard and chases a squirrel. Just misses him, but next time he’ll be successful, he’s sure of it.

7:45: Plays catch with himself with a stuffed soccer ball. Picks it up, runs around the house. Drops it and grabs it and runs around again.

8:00: Runs in circles he’s so excited when my daughter in a high-pitched voice yells “Where’s your leash? Where’s your leash?”

8:10: Sniffs everything, pees wherever he wants and gets super excited to run into doggy friends on the walk to school. Jumps and runs in circles with the dogs -completely unconcerned that he could be tangled in his own leash.

8:30: Gets home and is put in the neighbor’s yard where his best friend Ruby, another rescue dog, is waiting. Who needs a dog park when you have a fenced in front yard next door?


9:30: Comes home and jumps on our bed and snuggles in the warm clothes that just came out of the dryer. No concern at all that he’s shedding all over them. Naptime.

11:30: Time to go outside and look for the sneaky squirrel. No squirrel so time to chase his tail for a few minutes. After that fun, comes back in the house to look for the kitty.

12:30: Time to chew on a bone. What could be better, especially when it gets mushy on the end.

1:15: Exhausted, time to take another nap.

3:00: The kids come home from school and greets them with jumps and licks. They play fetch with him with a tennis ball. It repeatedly hits him in the face but that doesn’t deter him from trying to catch the ball in the air.

4:00: Trip to the park for soccer practice and a walk. Loving the new scents and smells of random dogs and plants. Proudly carries a delicious stick.


5:00: Dinner time. Yum.

6:00: Dinner time for family and second dinner for Tyson.

7:00: Stroll outside and bark at the squirrel who is up on the telephone line taunting him.

8:00: Exhausted from the long day, falls asleep on the couch with his head on my husband watching ESPN.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a day to just enjoy the simple pleasures of life without any committments or stress? Well, that’s never going to happen but we can enjoy the simple pleasure and unconditional love we get from our animals.

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