random acts of kindness
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random acts of kindness


Random acts of kindness


The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well being. ~ Dalai Lama


The other day I was browsing through You tube looking for some daily inspiration for my Rooted for life face book page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Santa-Monica-CA/ROOTED-FOR-LIFE/328759684898?ref=ts when I came across this video by Wayne dyer –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai0oXFKI-fM he reads out loud the shaya story from his amazing and one of my VERY favorite  books: Inspiration. (Click on the link and listen)

This story touched my heart!! The random act of kindness that was done by all for this little boy was beyond heart warming.

Today I witnessed in person another heart felt act. My best friends daughter asked me to come watch her in her very first horse show this morning. She was amazing out there!! They put her on a horse that was way too big for her but she gave it her all. In all 3 ribbon categories everyone got a ribbon but her (why they didn’t have one for her.. a whole other story that you don’t want me to get started on)

She came to the gate with her lips quivering, holding back tears when this angel of a woman came over to her and gave my friend’s daughter her 6th place ribbon saying that they really tied and that she wanted to give the ribbon to her. The little girls face lit up with a huge proud smile as my best friend and I cried from the kindness demonstrated by this woman. I then walked up to this woman telling her that her kind gesture just changed this child’s life and how deeply it touched my and everyone’s around heart.

It doesn’t stop there.. After that, this an 11 year old girl came up to her and said lets go win you a 1st place ribbon. This 11 year old took it upon herself to talk to the judges and put together a whole course and a new category for her that won her a blue ribbon.

We repeat what has been done to us. Can you imagine if we all treated one another with such kindness and thoughtfulness? I know there will be a day in my friends daughter’s life when she will see someone struggling and will remember this day and open her heart just as these people did for her today.


SOMETHING TO PONDER – What can you do today to make a difference n someone’s life? 










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