Getting unstuck from chronic stress
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Getting unstuck from chronic stress



At some level or point in all our lives we have all gone thru or experienced some form of stress. Stress often manifests from an emotional, financial, mental or physical place.

It is natural to go through stressful situation or periods in our lives, but when you “ GET STUCK “ in the chronic state of stress your inner light begins to diminish.

Chronic stress disrupts every system in your body in turn leaving you more prone to sickness, anxiety and depression.

I LOVE and often ponder this quote by Michele meiche “ We attract what we vibrate at “. If this is the case being in a chronic state of stress brings and mirrors more of the same energy to you.

I remember reading a quote once that said – “ happiness is a choice “. The same goes for being stuck in stress. You have a choice to stay in this place or make a decision to take action and move forward.

 DO You choose to be free or stay a victim? – I have said this before in my other blogs, people only change, grow and move forward if and when they really want to and are ready. So are you ready to let go so you can accept life as it is? Are you ready to forgive and take responsibility for your actions and part in this?  If so, then read below for some tools to help clear the stress and move into a place of peace.




Journaling – I am huge on journaling!! Journaling is a great tool to process, clear and move energy out of your head and body by getting it onto paper. Often times our stress is so much bigger in our heads and hard to make sense of it. Writing it out helps gain clarity on what’s really bothering us inside. I suggest a minimum of 10 minutes per day. Pick a time when you wont be interrupted, this is your time to process. When we are so busy and don’t have we don’t have an outlet to process and release, things will just build up inside creating an abundance of stress.


Seek support – Ask people that you admire, trust or respect for a good therapist, counselor, life coach or someone or something that resonates with you.

Create a support system of friends and family that support you with compassion, truth, love and non-judgment. These are your “ go to “ people. Read positive and inspirational books, take classes or go to self-help workshops or sign up for yoga or healing retreat. 


Meditate – For all you “ headie “ people out there, this is your key to peace!! In my practice I see so much stress caused by over thinking. The brain never shuts off in turn causing insomnia and mental exhaustion. A great CD I highly recommend to all my people is “meditations for everyday living “ by Michele meiche . What I like about this CD is each meditation is only 5 minutes long and will totally calm your thoughts and shift your energy. There are tons of meditation classes, books or CDs out there , research and find one that resonates with you . 


Breath work – Inhale thru your nose for 3 slow breaths the positive and exhale thru your mouth the negative. Inhale peace /exhale stress, inhale trust/ exhale control, inhale love /exhale fear, inhale joy /exhale sadness, inhale calm / exhale chaos and drama, inhale tranquility / exhale any worry or anxiety, inhale stillness / exhale turmoil, inhale relaxation / exhale tension and inhale clarity / exhale out of the mouth any confusion. This breath work helps to clear and move energy.


Parent your self – When a child is hungry a parent will feed them. When tired a parent will transition them down to sleep. When a child is having a bad day a parent will provide comfort and support for them. When a child is sick a parent will nurture and sooth them. To create structure and security, parents create routine, healthy boundaries and ritual that a child can count on for consistency, stability and balance. When a child has been over stimulated a parent will provide space to give them quiet time. When a child is going through change or something scares them a parent will comfort and give them a little extra love and support. This is a no brainer , this is just what parents do . Yet how many of us parent ourselves? I mean really take care and be there and show up for us? Start to tune into your needs, listen to your body if it needs rest then let rest, if you had a hard day , how can you be there for you ?  Nobody will ever be able to be there for you the way you will be able to be there for yourself. When you look for others to do this for you, you’ll never be satisfied.


 Find trust and have faith the in path – Your life is one big unfolding path. Every person you meet and situation that comes into your life provides an opportunity for growth and expansion. We stay stuck when we don’t find the gift with in the circumstances we are faced with. There is always something good that comes from something we might perceive as bad. You can move your energy by connecting with the gift that the lesson holds and learn , apply and begin live from this new found awareness . A fabulous book that I highly recommend – “ When things fall apart “ by pema chondron .


Do things that make you feel good and that nurture you  – When you do things that give you joy and spend time with up lifting happy people that you feel good around, this raises your vibration. Eat healthy, exercise, walk in nature, find a hobby,  curl up and read a good book , laugh and play…. What makes you happy and gives you joy ???    

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