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Forgiveness  check out this video !! 

Non-Forgiveness is really a not forgiving of yourself & a way of holding yourself back our of some fear. Non-Forgvieness is a form of saying “I am not good enough” When we forgive others we are putting the actions of the past in the past & moving forward with the energy to create in the present. – Michele meiche 


Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.  ~Paul Boese 

Without forgiveness life is governed by… an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.  ~Roberto Assagioli 


Denial – A refusing to believe or have acceptance of the truth . When something  or someone hurts us denial is the first response . It is a  dis belief that this is really happened . When we stay in denial too long we stay in limbo ,stuck and  can’t  move on to feelings which is the next step . 

Feelings -( sadness , grief , hurt and anger ) this is an important and yet a very uncomfortable step to be in. You have to feel in order to move on . It reminds me of that saying if you sweep it all under the carpet it will eventually pile up and seep out . If you stay too long here in the feeling mode you can get caught up in being a victim .
 better to be in the uncomfortableness of feeling the pain , processing it then moving on to acceptance . 

Acceptance – acknowledging that this happened , taking responsibility  for your your part in it ,owning that this is the way it is . only when you are able to truly accept things you will be able to let them go . 

Letting go – We have to let go of the what no longer serves us or that is no longer working or needed in our lives . We cant move on to the future when we holding on to the past . You have to be willing to let it  go to be able to truly forgive . ARE YOU WILLING TO LET IT GO ? 

Forgiveness – There is so much freedom and liberation in forgiveness . When you forgive you let not only the past , the person who hurt you but most importantly yourself free . Free to move on to become unstuck  from the the prison of your past . something I find that helps to forgive is to find the lesson you learned from having this experience . There is always a lesson to be learned . These learning experiences help us to grow and expand . When you can connect with the lesson , you will begin to see that what you might have perceived as bad actually was a gift . So what gifts did having this experience bring you and how can you apply them in the future ? Either write a letter  or email to the person ( don’t send this its for you ) write about your journey from denial – forgiveness , write about the lessons and gifts you received , forgive yourself and own your responsibility and part,  thank them for coming into your life and giving you these gifts , and finally set them and yourself free with love .

Freedom  – Your heart is now clear ,free and ready to move on  . Its  when you have totally freedom you will find its in  this space where you will truly be able to embrace and move on to the next level of your life . 


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