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” In order to be , first you must become ” 

 When your child is hungry you feed them, when a child is tired you put them down to sleep, when your child is having a bad day you comfort them. To create structure and security in a Childs life we create routine, boundaries and ritual that they can count on for consistency and balance. When a child is sick you nurture and sooth them, when a child has been over stimulated  we provide space to give them quite time, when a child is going thru change or something scares them we comfort and give them a little extra love and support. This is a no brainer , this is what mothers do but how many of us actually parent  ourselves? I mean really parent and take care of us? Yes children especially babies cant do it for themselves but we as adults are totally competent and can do for us- but why don’t we? And why is it ok to do all this for our children but why don’t we do the same for us? Why are we not as important? When you parent and take care of yourself you are setting an example for your children that you care for and love yourself enough to be there for you. There is that saying” you cant truly love another until you truly love yourself”. The same goes for parenting how can you really be there for another if you can’t be there for yourself ? The more you parent and show up for you the more natural and organically you will be able parent another. Parenting just becomes second nature because it is such a part of you.

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