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What Does It Mean To Be A Mighty Mommy?

What Does It Mean To Be a Mighty Mommy?

I was asked this question today by one of my clients, well I was asked how I came up with the name Mighty Mommies Fitness, then I was asked what in my opinion does it mean to be a Mighty Mommy.  As the end of 2009 draws closer and my son’s 1st birthday rapidly approaches (he was born on Jan. 22nd)  I can’t help but stop to take a minute and reflect back on this wonderful year in my life.

The truth is I came up with my business and the name of my business long before I myself was a mom.  When I decided to turn my fitness direction to pre and postnatal I knew I had found something I would love for a lifetime.  When I was thinking of the name I wanted to convey strength, power, determination, calmness, compassion and understanding.  I started to think about the women in my life that I knew that were moms or about to become moms.  What would catch their eye, what would inspire them to want to call and work with me?  The name Mighty Mommies just sort of popped into my head at that point, and that was it that was the name.

As I think back to the day my son Dominic was born and the 23 hours of labor that I was in (17 with no epidural) I can’t help but smile.  That was my first taste of being a “mighty mommy”.  I was determined not to use drugs during labor and delivery and only after I would not dilate and the doctor told me I was out of options did I give in.

The first night that we had Dominic at home is a bit of a blur, no sleep, my boobs were leaking all over me most of the night, Dominic was crying and I just felt lost and hopeless.  I kept thinking oh my gosh how am I going to do this.  In fact that was my thought for the first 4 weeks.  But as the days and night went by and I got to know my littleman things got a bit easier.  I started to figure out a new routine, one that included this beautiful new baby.  Getting up 3 times a night to feed and change him, waking up at 6 am to start the day, figuring out how to make myself food and get dressed in-between feedings and changings.  I even managed to figure out how to fit my workouts in.

Before I knew it 2 months of maternity leave were up and it was back to work and a new schedule.  Now I had to incorporate night feedings with early morning pumping sessions, a full morning of clients, home for a bit of time with my husband before he left for work, then me and Dominic the rest of the day and night (at the time my husband was a restaurant manager. Long hours, no fun) I still had to find time for a shower, eating, a workout, managing my business, paying our bills, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and being a good mom and wife.  My husband was and always is a pillar of strength, support and help but us moms know we like to take on the world by ourselves sometimes.

The good news is I managed and am still managing.  Dominic is a beautiful, healthy soon-to-be 1 year old who hit all of his major milestones early (rolling over, sitting up, pulling up, crawling and walking) my business is doing great, my husband and I are in a good place and life overall is in chaotic order if that makes any sense.  So for ME this is what being a MIGHTY MOMMY is. 

I want to restate that this is what it means to ME!  I am so inspired by all of the different moms out there that are truly MIGHTY.  The single mom working two jobs to take care of her children, the stay at home mom who passed up a career to be with the kids, the step-mom, the soccer mom, the mom who is the breadwinner and lets dad have the chance to stay home with the kids….you are all AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL AND MIGHTY! 

What in  your opinion makes a Mighty Mom?

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