Hair Styles for a Bride With Long Hair
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Hair Styles for a Bride With Long Hair

If you’re a bride with long locks, you have plenty of hairstyle choices to choose from that will complement your wedding gown, in addition to the traditional updo bun. Choose hairstyles that will take advantage of your long tresses. Wow your groom and guests from the time you walk down the aisle until the wedding reception winds down.

Long Loose and Wavy

Let your hair hang loosely on your wedding day to achieve a relaxed, but romantic look. Your hair will flow gracefully with your every movement. A simple veil tucked behind your hair with a barrette will complete your hair ensemble. If you prefer not to wear a veil, tuck a flower behind one ear. Your long, loose and wavy hairstyle will work well whether you’re having a formal or informal wedding. To achieve the look, wash your hair with volumizing shampoo to make it appear thicker. Blot dry your hair with a towel after rinsing. If you have tight curls, apply a hair relaxer to untwist the strands, advises Cornell University. Shampoo, then blow-dry your hair using medium heat. Use curlers or a curling iron to create the loose curls. Apply medium hold hairspray to keep your hairstyle neat all day. This long, loose and wavy hairstyle works well with any style of wedding gown.

Low Side Ponytail

Walk down the aisle with a familiar friend — the ponytail. Creating a low side ponytail will give you a semi-formal look. Sweep your hair to one side, letting it drape over your shoulder and cascade on your chest. Gather your hair loosely into a ponytail with a clear elastic band, which you’ll camouflage with a beautiful silk flower hair pin or barrette. A low side ponytail works best without a veil. Adding embellishments such as pearl pins and florets along the length of the ponytail will give your style added visual interest. This hairstyle works best with an off-shoulder wedding gown.

Curly Half Updo

A departure from the formal, sleek updo, the curly half updo gives you an up-swept style without the bun. Gather the upper half portion of your hair to the back of your head and place a beautiful barrette to hold it in place. Use a paddle brush to give your hair a little lift and create pouf on the crown. If you have fine, thin hair, placing a rectangular barrette on your hair at the crown, which you’ll cover with your hair as you gather it towards the back will add volume to the upper part of your hair. Set the loose ends of your locks with curlers or use a curling iron to style. Adding a simple veil to the back of your half updo will complete your ensemble. This curly half updo complements any type of wedding gown.

Loosely Braided Ponytail

If you have long hair with bangs, style it with a loosely braided ponytail to give it more texture and depth. Ideal for informal weddings such as an island or garden setting, a loosely braided hairstyle works best with a semi-formal, off-shoulder wedding gown. Achieve the look by pulling your hair to the back of your head, then create a loose braid using two or three sections of your ponytail. Tying a clear elastic band to the end will secure the braid in place. Skip the veil, and add embellishment to your braid with pearl studded pins or florets that match your bouquet instead. If you’re planning to wear a veil, opt for one that has simple lines. Wind in strands of white silk ribbons as you create the braid to add visual interest to your hairstyle.

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