DIY Birthday Party Card
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DIY Birthday Party Card

Birthday party cards can create a powerful impact when they are handmade. The thought that goes into the creation of the card makes it special, regardless of whether a card is fancy and detailed, or consists of a few scribbles of crayon made by a child. Exchanging handmade cards can become a family tradition. Cards made years ago may become heirloom keepsakes, which remind people about the happy celebrations associated with them.


Handmade birthday party cards make the recipient feel appreciated. Taking the time to construct a card from scratch can touch people–sometimes more than buying a commercially produced card. The person making the card benefits too. Adults can enjoy a relaxing craft, which takes them away from frenetic schedules, and kids get to play with glitter and glue. Both adult and child benefit by seeing the effect of their handiwork on the recipient.


Birthdays are important occasions that families often celebrate together. A handcrafted card lets party guests know how much you care about the celebrant. Personalized cards can revive fond memories, or touch hearts by using a person’s favorite colors, flowers or sayings. Including a handwritten greeting inside adds extra significance to the card. A handmade card can be a gift in and of itself.


Traditional paper and ink cards allow the creator to draw and express feelings with artwork. Cards can have one side, or be folded. Cutting a card out into a shape, such as a heart or flower, is a quick way to add design appeal.

Computer-generated cards can look polished and professional. Some software programs allow a person to make a card from scratch. Others, sometimes associated with printing companies, provide templates and ready-to-use graphics. Computer art sometimes lacks the warmth and intimacy of old-fashioned paper cards.


Craft stores that cater to scrapbook enthusiasts carry colored solid and patterned paper as well as rubber stamps, inks and markers. Stencils and stamps work well for those who choose not to draw images by hand. Creators can use collage–pasting color copies of photographs glued onto cards, along with decorative sparkles, beads and ribbon.


Making cards takes time. Leaving card creation to the last minute can result in stress, or an unfinished look. Younger children can participate in card making, but they need supervision to make sure none of the decorations end up as snacks. Non-toxic glues and water-based inks and paints are wise to use around children.

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