Easy Costume Ideas for Women
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Easy Costume Ideas for Women

Children often rush to choose a Halloween costume each year, but that doesn’t mean adults should miss out on the excitement of the holiday. Women have many options for creative costumes, many of which are created with things around the house. By making your own simple — yet creative — costume, you stand out from the crowd.

Spa Queen

You might not make it to the spa as much as you would like, but you can play the role of a pampered spa queen. A plush robe creates the main part of the costume, but you’ll want to wear something else beneath for more coverage. Wrap a towel around your hair and secure it with safety pins. A tiara or an eye mask propped onto the towel adds a fitting accent for the costume theme. Add other details as desired to create the effect. This might include fuzzy slippers, face paint to resemble a facial, painted nails and a handheld mirror.


Popular celebrities, both current and historical, provide inspiration for easy Halloween costumes for women. You might already own an outfit that resembles the style of your favorite celebrity. For example, last summer’s flowing halter dress works well for a Marilyn Monroe costume. Thrift stores are a possibility for finding inexpensive clothing items to create a celebrity look. If your hair is a similar color and length as your celebrity inspiration, simply style it in the same fashion as the celebrity. In the Marilyn Monroe example, a blonde could easily curl her hair and sweep the bangs up and to the side. Wigs are another way to achieve the hairstyle of the celebrity. Apply makeup in the same style as the celebrity. Jewelry and other props that fit the celebrity’s style round out the costume.

Fortune Teller

A fortune teller costume is also a possibility with clothing from your own closet or from a thrift store. The general idea behind the fortune teller costume is that it needs to be long and flowing. A flowing skirt paired paired with a loose shirt that has baggy sleeves begins your look. Add patches to the skirt to add personality. A belt around the waist to cinch in the shirt is another suitable accent. Add a head scarf with flowing tails. Lots of costume jewelry, such as gold necklaces, large earrings and bangle bracelets, work well as the costume accents. You can also add a shawl to the costume and carry around a crystal ball or tarot cards.

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