Kids’ Birthday Party Themes
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Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Kids’ birthday parties range from simple celebrations at home to extravagant birthday parties at a variety of venues. No matter where your child’s birthday party is held, a theme makes the party more interesting and helps you plan the details. When your child is old enough, she will likely want to pick her own theme, but offering suggestions helps her make the selection.


The animal theme offers variety, allowing you to match your child’s specific interests. If your child has a favorite animal, use it as the theme. A more general approach is also an option. For example, you could choose a farm animal theme or focus on jungle animals. If you have a zoo in your city, consider holding the party there. Many zoos offer party rooms or shelters for birthday parties.

Seasonal Theme

The season during which your child’s birthday occurs offers a theme option. Use the identifying elements of the season to create the party. For example, a fall birthday might include a costume party, pumpkin painting, a trip to an apple orchard or jumping in piles of leaves. Sledding, ice skating or indoor winter crafts work well for colder weather birthdays. Flowers, bugs and growing plants fit a spring-themed party. Summer offers the option for lots of warm-weather activities, such as swimming or water fights.

Color Theme

A birthday party theme doesn’t have to revolve around an object. Your child’s favorite color works for a simple birthday party theme. Choose all the party decorations based on the color. Different shades of the color in the decorations adds some variety. Ask all the party guests to wear the selected color. Even the cake and other party food can mimic the color theme to some extent.


A candy-themed party appeals to the sweet tooth of most children. The Candyland game provides inspiration for the birthday celebration. Make oversized candy from Styrofoam, using paint to add the accents. A path of colorful squares leads guests around the house. Jars and bowls full of real candy make the kids drool while adding a colorful accent to the party decor. Let each child fill up a small bag with his choice of the candy as a party favor.

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