How to Wash Your Hair Brushes
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How to Wash Your Hair Brushes

Hair brushes are often overlooked when it comes to your beauty regime, but like other health tools, they require weekly cleaning to obtain the best brushing results. Your hairbrush is subjected to everything you put on your hair and although the residues may not be visible, your brush is the perfect repository for hair additives like gels and hairspray. By taking a few minutes a week to clean your hairbrushes, you’ll find the brush moves more smoothly through your hair and aids in keeping it clean longer.

Step 1

Pour three drops of shampoo into a sink of hot tap water.

Step 2

Remove loose hair from the brush by pulling the hairs from the bristles with your fingers or a comb.

Step 3

Dip the hairbrush into the hot water, rubbing the bristles with your fingertips to remove all soil and residues from the bristles.

Step 4

Scrub the base of the hairbrush in between the bristles with the old toothbrush to remove built-up hair and grime from hair products.

Step 5

Run the brush under tap water to rinse all traces of shampoo from the brush surfaces.

Step 6

Stand the brush upright in a cup or glass with the bristles exposed; allow to air dry completely before use.

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