Funky Hairstyle Ideas
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Funky Hairstyle Ideas

If you are tired of your typical Mom hairdo, then it’s time to try something a little more modern. Funky hairstyles range from brightly colored punk rock styles to more understated styles that still break the mold. Though you may feel that you are too old to rock a Mohawk, you can still get a funky hairstyle that’s right for you.

Crazy Colors

You’re now able to sport hair in any color of the rainbow — and those in between. Whether you want to go for a shocking pink or a deep purple, you’ll need to bleach your hair first to get the right color. If you’re not up to going all-out, you can put in a few funky highlights in a bright color. Those with dark hair can apply a deep red or purple over their normal hair color, for a new look that’s noticeable in the sun, but not so shocking.

Funky Ponytails

Ponytails are a classic hairstyle, and they are not reserved for little girls. Make your hair like a lion’s mane by making it bigger. You can either backcomb the hair close to your scalp to give you more height at the top before putting it into a ponytail, or you can keep the top part sleek with the ponytail or ponytails curly and big.

Dreadlocks, Braids and Extensions

Dreadlocks, braids and extensions are common in the African American community, but women of all races can sport them. If you want braids or extensions, head to a professional salon, but you can do your own dreadlocks at home. Separate the sections that you want to dread, then backcomb the area, add wax and roll the section between your fingers.

Choppy Bob

If you want a hairstyle that won’t get you fired from your office job, but still looks funky, consider a choppy bob. Cutting your hair at different lengths gives it more body and makes it stick out a bit more. A choppy bob requires little maintenance in the morning. Ask your hair dresser if side bangs are right for you — these “bangs” don’t hang down your forehead, but sweep across for a funkier look.

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