What Age Do Kids Lose Baby Teeth?
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What Age Do Kids Lose Baby Teeth?

The first loose tooth marks a major step in a young child’s life. Like many milestones, the age for the first lost tooth varies from child to child. Most kids fall within a general range for their first lost tooth, but many healthy children fall outside that normal range without any underlying problems.


The age your child loses her first tooth depends on certain factors. The appearance of her first tooth as a baby tends to have some influence on when she’ll begin losing teeth. A baby whose teeth erupt early are more likely to start losing them at an earlier age. Likewise, babies whose teeth came in later might hold on to them longer before getting a loose tooth. Girls are also more likely to lose teeth earlier than boys, according to MayoClinic.com


Most kids begin losing teeth around age five or six. Some children lose a tooth at age four, while others don’t lose a tooth until seven or eight. Anywhere within the four to eight-year-old range is considered normal. Losing a tooth before age four or after age eight does not necessarily mean there is a problem.


Your child will likely lose his teeth in the order he got them, per MayoClinic.com. For most kids, this means the two bottom center teeth are the first to go. The top middle teeth usually fall out next, followed by lateral incisors, molars and canines.

Time Frame

The first lost baby tooth is only the beginning of a long process. Your child continues losing teeth one or more at a time over the course of several years. Kids generally finish losing baby teeth by the time they’re 12 or 13 years old. This is also when your child gets her 12-year molars.


A child who loses a tooth before age four should visit the dentist. In some cases, a dental disease can cause early tooth loss. Injuries are another possible reason for early tooth loss. A spacer is sometimes used if the adult tooth isn’t ready to erupt. BabyCenter recommends visiting the dentist if your child doesn’t lose a tooth by age eight.

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