6 Sharpie Craft Projects We Love
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6 Sharpie Craft Projects We Love

Want to get crafty? It’s as easy as breaking out your permanent markers! Here are five super simple Sharpie projects we just love:

DIY Tribal Print iPhone Case

(tutorial at Unexpected Expectations)

Sharpie Nail Art

(tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts)

(tutorial at Morie’s Nail Art)

Create Your Own Coffee Mugs

(tutorial at Oh, Hello Friend)

(tutorial at A Beautiful Mess)

Drawn (Not Dyed) Easter Eggs

(tutorial at Alisa Burke)

Cute Plastic Baggies

(tutorial at babelisme)

Crosshatch Stationary

(tutorial at Mr. Handsome Face)

How often do you break out your Sharpies for a craft project??


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