Birthday Party Ideas for a 2-Year-Old Girl
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Birthday Party Ideas for a 2-Year-Old Girl

Celebrate your 2-year-old daughter’s birthday with a theme and activities that she enjoys. Your little girl won’t likely remember this celebration, although she should be able to enjoy her second birthday party much more than she did her first. Incorporate some of her favorite things into the party to make it a special day for her.


Build your daughter’s second birthday party around something she currently enjoys, such as her favorite cartoon, character or toy. Use a princess theme if she enjoys dressing up or pretending to be a princess. Mermaid or fish themes are great if she enjoys the water or is fascinated with under-the-sea life. A farm theme can be simple, yet delightful as most 2-year-olds are smitten with animals. If you’d prefer to keep it simple, build the party around bubbles, polka dots or the A-B-Cs.


Many 2-year-olds enjoy dressing up, playing with their hands and getting messy. Incorporate some of these things rather than trying to put together a bunch of structured games that may confuse or bore the toddlers. For example, let the little ones play with squishy dough (preferably edible since many 2-year-olds enjoy tasting everything they touch) or dig through sand. If the party has a mermaid theme, hide treasure in the sand or let the toddlers pretend to be mermaids and splash around a wading pool.

Put on your daughter’s favorite music and let the kids dance. Try freeze-dancing if you want to make a game out of it by having the toddlers freeze into position when you turn the volume down momentarily.


Most 2-year-olds haven’t learned the concept of sharing yet; a 2-year-old’s favorite word is “mine.” For that reason, award each guest a small prize after activities rather than trying to determine a “winner.” Singling out one child with a prize will likely irritate or anger the other toddlers, which can be unsettling. The prizes should be the same for the same reason.

Opt for age-appropriate prizes, such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk or simple treats that don’t pose choking hazards. Keep the sugary snacks to a minimum, so you will likely please your smaller guests’ parents.


Take pictures and video of the birthday party to make a scrapbook later or to include the toddlers in making keepsakes. Let the toddlers play with molding clay or finger paint their own little masterpiece to take home with them. Help each child make a tile with their handprint or footprint. Let the toddlers decorate a picture frame, which can hold a photo from the party.


Keep the party small, especially if your daughter is clingy and shies away from most people. Limit the number of toddlers you invite, and welcome their parents to stay. This will likely create less stress for you and make the party more enjoyable for everyone. Consider having the party at home where your daughter will probably be most comfortable. Avoid opening presents at the party as the other toddlers won’t understand why they aren’t getting new toys, or why they can’t take the present they brought home with them.

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