1st Birthday Party Decorating Ideas
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1st Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

First birthday parties are all about the parents celebrating their baby’s milestone birthday with friends and family. 1st birthday party decorating ideas should decorate the party area in a way that conveys the importance of this event in your life. The decorations will live forever through the pictures and videos you take during the big day.

1st Birthday Party Decorating Ideas


Choose decorations that set the tone for the party. The decorations should tie into the theme of the party or include some of your baby’s favorite things. For example, use decorations that depict your child’s favorite character if that’s your party theme. Framed posters, stuffed animals, party hats, paper plates and even your baby’s outfit can display images of the character. Balloons, streamers, napkins and table cloths can tie into the theme if you use colors that are typically associated with the characters.


Use a variety of decorations to add texture, color and interest throughout the party space. High chair decoration kits are available in numerous colors and patterns that come with a small plastic base for under the high chair (to make clean-up easier), small banners to hang around the high chair and a matching bib or party hat. Mylar balloons can add character’s faces, shaped balloons with the number “1” or any other specific shapes that relate to your party theme, while colorful latex balloons can fill a great deal of space and possibly give younger guests something to play with. Hang streamers around the party space, tables, chairs and from trees or other items. Use a plastic or paper table cloth in a color that complements your theme.


Decorations can last much longer than a one- or two-hour party. Use a few decorations to create memories and keepsakes. For example, put together a collage of photos from the baby’s birth to his first birthday. Fit the collage inside a large mat and ask each guest to write a message or birthday wishes to the baby. Create a small tribute area featuring the baby’s favorite toys, books, movies or other items. This could serve as a backdrop for many of the pictures you take, which will be a constant reminder of the things your baby preferred during his first year of life.


Keep your decorations to a minimum for an outdoor party so that your decorations don’t fly away with the wind. Consider using simple decorations if the party is being held in a rented space, such as a hall or party room, that don’t take up too much time. Otherwise, your decorating and clean-up time may cut into the party time. Even if your baby’s birthday party is at home, consider how much time you will have to spend putting the decorations up and taking them down. Decorating for your baby’s first birthday party should be fun and exciting, not exhausting.


Your 1st birthday party decorating ideas should be safe for your baby and other guests. If you include balloons that the children can play with, be diligent if any of the balloons pop to avoid a choking hazard. Be careful with hanging decorations that little ones can pull down or wrap around their necks. Small decorations should be avoided as well, such as small toys. Keep the decorations baby-proof.


Put out practical items, such as stuffed animals and toys, that relate to the theme but also serve as a way to occupy little ones during the party. Include a reading corner with blankets and floor pillows and an activity center with blocks, toy cars or dolls.

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