Bedbugs are Here to Stay for a While
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Bedbugs are Here to Stay for a While

According to a recent National Pest Management Association survey, 95% of companies in the pest control industry said they’ve encountered a bedbug infestation in the last year. in 2000, only 25% of respondents could say the same. Yikes!

At the Environmental Protection Agency’s second conference on the issue on Tuesday, Jonathan Wild, a housing official from Portland warned that we are "never going to get rid of bedbugs in our lifetime." Why so dramatic?

Well, consider the facts. A female bedbug can produce an average of 400 baby bedbugs in her lifetime. (Ew!) Not to mention the fact that most of then can survive for up to a year between feedings. (Double ew!)

Extreme temperatures will help get rid of them–especially putting sheets in the dryer. But this will only contain the problem, not eliminate it completely.

Conclusion: The bedbug problem is not going anywhere fast.

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