Children and Pets
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Children and Pets

Pets have an innate ability to live in the now and stay present, as do children. Somewhere along the way as we grow older, we lose touch with that natural ability. Instead of following this path what if we can influence our children to stay present, having a profound impact on their lifelong happiness?

How can we teach our children to live in the now?

Instead of pressuring them about the future, we can choose to talk with our children about now.  We can check in with ourselves to see how often our conversations with our children are about the present. When we worry about the future, we pass that onto our children. Encourage living in this moment in time.

As parents, we want our children to be happy. When we are happy our whole world changes. Life is beautiful. More possibilities present themselves.  People are drawn to our positivity.

Although our children need to be aware of how choices can impact the future, and the importance of making good choices now, we do not need to set our focus on the future.

Children and pets alike think about now. What do I want right now? What do I need from life now, and how can I achieve that? Ask yourself the same questions.

What is it that you need to thrive now? Is it love, to be heard, solitude, or time to create?

Can you be more flexible in your daily routine to accommodate the needs of your heart now?

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