Exercises to Build Muscular Shoulders
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Exercises to Build Muscular Shoulders

Leave the hunched-backs at football practice! There are plenty of tall, striking mommies with strong and statuesque shoulders.

Muscular shoulders not only compliment beautiful posture, they also enhance the V-taper, which can create the illusion of a tinier waist – what an added plus!

Cross Body Shoulder Press

Try this exercise at least 2 times per week, on non-consecutive days, to build better and more shapely shoulders as well as enhance your posture.

Set Up:

Stand tall with your heels just outside of your hips, abs tight, and shoulders down away from your ears. With your right hand, cross your arm in front of your body and grab a cable with a single handle attachment affixed to the hook. Alternatively, grab a resistance band if you are exercising at home.


As you exhale, pull the cable and “cross your body” while you slowly bend your elbow and raise the cable to the opposite side of your body. Pause and hold at the top and then slowly lower your arm and return the starting position until you complete 12-15 repetitions. Switch arms and repeat the suggested repetitions until you complete 3-4 sets per side.

Training Tip:

Keep your neck and trapezius relaxed through the entire movement of the exercise. In addition, create a strong connection to the floor with your feet so your lower body creates a stable foundation for your body as your angles shift throughout the entire range of motion.

Lisa Robins is a personal trainer and fitness expert. You can follow her on Twitter: @LisaRobinsFit

(photo credit – Steven Trujillo of Phoenix, AZ)

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