The Anatomy of a Tee
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The Anatomy of a Tee

Being a California native a t-shirt has always been a staple in my closet. Even though most would not consider my wardrobe to be casual, my own personal style still consists of pieces that would be classified as basic sophistication. With all the wonderful fabrics on the market a tee has become so much more than something you wear to the gym. From luxury blends like cashmere and silk to fashion details, fits and colors there is a tee out there for every occasion.

Whether you wear the perfect “vintage tee” loose and easy with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Or a “well-cut” fitted tee as a sophisticated underpinning.

If you do it right the most comfortable part of your outfit can be the key component that ties your whole look together!

I am a huge believer in pairing a statement piece like a “to die for” leather skirt with a basic tee or tank.

Or a “trendy” tee with a basic suit and finishing up either look with amazing accessories.

By doing this you will always look incredible and current without trying too hard and becoming a fashion victim… you all know what I am talking about! It is key with tees to keep style and fit appropriate, so ladies if you’re trying to look 12 when you are actually 40 you need to stop!

With that being said an amazing tee is no different than a great pair of shoes… fit, quality and fabric are key factors and you really do get what you pay for. I agree there are places where you can skimp but the right tee should allow you to feel cute enough to hit the town, comfortable enough to do your thing, and simple enough to keep your style. Here are some of my favorites…

Twenty micro modal Luxury scoop neck available at Nordstrom

Humanoid Cowl neck

Raquel Allegra polo tee available at

Alexander McQueen jersey top

Twenty micro modal slub tank

Cotton Scoop neck

silk blend panel tee


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