How to Eat Healthy at Sports Events
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How to Eat Healthy at Sports Events

It’s that time of year again – BATHING SUIT season, sun dresses, shorts, and tank tops. It reminds us to watch what we are eating, because the long sweaters aren’t going to hide the winter pounds anymore!

With spring sports in season, a lot of us are spending our weekends attending games.  And whether you’re heading to the ballpark of your favorite MLB team, or just attending your kid’s lacrosse and baseball games, the snack bar/concession stand can be trouble.

As a mom who has spent a lot of time at sporting events this spring, here are some of my best healthy eating tips:

Eat Before You Go

Before you head to the game, grab a filling snack. Even eat dinner or lunch before you go. This is what I do before my son’s practices/games. We may be eating dinner at 5 pm, but I at least then I’m not tempted to grab extra snacks at the game when I am filled.

Pack snacks

Some stadiums might not let you bring in food, but if you can, sneak a granola in your bag, or an apple. This might help you with your craving to snack.

Pick the Healthiest Option

Hot dogs, jumbo pretzels, cotton candy are typical menu fare at the concession stand. There aren’t a ton of healthy options, so we have to work with what we have. Have the hot dog/hamburger without the bun. Drink water instead of a big fountain soda. Split a bag of peanuts with your kids. And good news, some stadiums have introduced low-calorie and gluten free options. So check with your venue before you go!

Move it!

If you are going to splurge on the cotton candy or a cheese steak, walk around the stadium between innings, or at half-time. I walk with my other son around the lacrosse field to get extra exercise and keep the little guy occupied.  Or just work extra hard at the gym the next day. Remember, sometimes it’s ok to splurge!

Make a Change

In your own rec league concession stands, try to see how you can add healthy options. Talk with the league about offering healthier options for both the parents and the kids. I am sure you’re not the only mom that wishes they could grab a quick healthy wrap or fruit bowl while at the game. Speak up!

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