5 Acne Myths – Debunked!
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5 Acne Myths – Debunked!

Dangene Enterprise, the founder of Dangene: The Institute of Skinovation realized her passion for skin transformation and re-imagination at a young age. Having suffered from severe acne, she made it her mission to invent the future of skin care. 

Now, in an effort to help people understand this common skin condition that can very often wreak havoc on you physically and emotionally, Dangene shares her top acne myths:

Acne Myth #1: Acne treatment should include drying out the skin.

Drying up acne does not work. If a pore is too tight and the impurity is stuck behind, it can’t come out if your face is dry and tight. Our approach is to cleanse and moisten the whole face. We do hours of extractions – the right way, from behind pushing impurities out – for 6 weeks straight until we get everything out and the pores are crystal clear. 

Acne Myth #2: Eating greasy foods causes acne.

All the french fries and potato chips in the world are not going to cause you to have acne. You either have oily skin, based on your genes and hormones, or you don’t. An allergic reaction can cause you to have a breakout, of course, but not your diet. Cutting greasy foods out of your diet will have health benefits, but clearing up acne is not one of them.

Acne Myth #3: Acne is purely hereditary.

Just because someone in your family has acne doesn’t mean that you will. The same is true if no one ever had acne in your family, it doesn’t mean you won’t. Acne is a chronic skin condition that has no cure, but it can be controlled.

Acne Myth #4: Acne only occurs in teenage years.

Acne can occur in any time in your life. Babies can be newborn and have baby acne. As a kid, you can experience acne based on your hormone level versus another kid’s. Or, you may have never had any skin issues, and then in your 20s, you suddenly have acne because of changes in stress or hormone levels.

Acne Myth #5: Picking the skin will get rid of pimples.

If you pick your skin, you can’t get the right angle.  You’re just squeezing your skin, and actually pushing everything deeper into the pore. This hampers the healing process. If you are experiencing acne breakouts, the best thing to do is to see an expert and seek treatment right away. I developed a state-of-the-art protocol without the use of medication that restores the skin to a healthy, radiant complexion.

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