When Do You Introduce Your New Partner to Your Kids?
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When Do You Introduce Your New Partner to Your Kids?

Life as a single parent can often feel like one giant juggling act. Between work, school, sport and social life, it can be tough enough keeping up with your little ones’ schedules, let alone organizing your own. 

The good news is that the experience doesn’t need to be as tricky as it might appear. With this in mind here are some tips for making the process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Give it time

Like most things in life, patience is key when it comes to introducing a new partner into your life. Always be sure that you’re making the decision for the right reasons, not simply because you believe another parent figure would be beneficial.

With so much on your plate, it’s understandable that many single parents are reluctant to get back into dating. However, there are ways that you can make it easier for yourself to get back into the dating game. Some single parents meet their future partners through friends, or parent-groups, whereas others prefer taking a spin on one of the many online dating sites available. But the biggest challenge that parents face in the search for love is knowing when to introduce your children to your new partner. 

Always trust your gut feeling when gauging if the timing is right. If your instincts aren’t 100%, then hold off for a little while longer.

Make sure it’s serious

Bringing a new partner home isn’t something to do as a whim. The experience can often prove truly disruptive for children of all ages. Whether your youngsters become quickly attached or your teenagers become sullen, a new partner will evoke emotions and often problems in your home. So always make sure the relationship is serious before you bring a new person into your children’s lives.

Be sensitive

New relationships come with feelings of excitement and joy, and it’s only natural to hope that your loved ones share your feelings. But if they are a little reluctant, it’s important to be sensitive.

Always make the introduction in a sensitive manner and understand that your children may find it hard to adjust to a new person in your lives.

Put your children first

When organizing the introduction, create a meeting that’s on your children’s terms. Think of a location and an activity that they’ll feel comfortable doing. A trip to their favorite park, or a visit to the cinema are both low-pressure, easy-going options that will set everyone at ease.

Ask yourself the tough questions

The glossy days of an early romance are fun, but your responsibilities as a parent should always come first. A new partner may well make you happy, but it’s vital to ask yourself, are they right to introduce to your children?

Take into consideration any bad habits and negative attitudes. Do they perhaps swear too regularly or show poor table manners? Maybe they don’t share your love for children and behave uncomfortably around your kids? It’s vital that you face up to the tricky questions and only settle for someone who really suits every aspect of your lifestyle.

You should always consider the happiness and well-being of your children, but remember, you deserve the chance to be happy too. Make sure you are ready first, but when you are; get back out there, and you may meet your perfect match.

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