Earth Day Crafts, Games, and Activities to Do with Your Kids
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Earth Day Crafts, Games, and Activities to Do with Your Kids

Earth Day will be taking place on April 22nd this year as an annual reminder to protect the environment and live “green.” With a little effort, you can reduce your negative impact by recycling, using less water, and turning off lights when not in use. This is also a perfect chance to teach little ones about cherishing the earth and natural resources through fun activities and projects. By engaging your kids in environmentally friendly activities early on, they can reap good habits of sustainable living as adults.



1. Decorate a Recycling Bin – Make recycling a priority in your household by getting the kids involved in this art project. Purchase a clear plastic bin and some kid-friendly painting supplies. You can set a goal each week with your family to try and recycle a certain amount of items. If you reach the goal, you can reward the kids with a treat like ice cream.

2. Create a Habitat – Grab an old shoe box and get outside in your own backyard. Or, take it a step further and go on a nature walk with your family at a nearby park, trail, or beach. Collect leaves, grass, sand, pebbles, flowers, twigs, and similar items and create your own mini-environment with your kids. Add toy animal figures that you already own, or create them out of clay to complete the habitat.

3. Build a City out of Recyclables – Show your kids a new way to use empty milk jugs, alumninum cans, and cardboard containers. Challenge them to use their creativity to build a city of their own. Supply additional items such as markers, construction paper, glue, and scissors and a flat piece of cardboard to place their buildings on.



1. Scavenger Hunts – Organize a scavenger hunt in your backyard, house, or neighborhood and plant clues relating to nature and living green. Have a prize or treat at the end of the hunt for your kids, such as sugar cookies decorated with colored frosting to resemble the earth.

2. Earth Day Jeopardy – Create a jeopardy board with different categories related to nature and protecting the environment. Include questions/answers that are challenging to serve as a teaching lesson for your kids. They’ll learn more about how to conserve natural resources and preserve the earth through a fun activity.

Other Activities


1. Plant a Garden – Start a vegetable garden in your backyard or plant flower seeds in pots to grow inside the house. Create a watering schedule with your kids so they can take the responsibility of caring for the plants. They’ll be amazed to watch the plants grow from tiny seedlings to full-grown plants!

2. Go to a Local Event – Many major cities hold Earth Day festivals and events with activities for kids as well. Look on the Environmental Protection Agency website to see if there is an Earth Day celebration near you.

3. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market and Cook an Organic Meal – Support your local economy by buying fresh products from nearby growers. By purchasing organic produce, you can avoid the dangerous chemicals and pesticides used to grow non-organic food.

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