Mood Swings: Natural Herbs to Help You Beat the Blues
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Mood Swings: Natural Herbs to Help You Beat the Blues

Sometimes we all get moody. We experience things deeply in our hearts.  And let’s face it, we definitely get mad, sad, frustrated, agitated, irate and grumpy.

So, what is a woman to do?  A great idea is to have an arsenal of herbs to help handle life’s typical stressors.

Herbs have been helpful to women for thousands of years.  And they are safe, easy to use and inexpensive.  Herbs come either in a tea, capsule, or tincture form.  I feel that taking the herb in the tincture (or liquid) form is the easiest and most effective for women who are juggling both work and home life.

The following is a list of some of my favorite herbs for moodiness.  These herbs can be taken separately, or you can experiment by mixing a few of them together in the same cup.  The usual dosage is 25-35 drops, taken three times daily; diluted in some water or grape juice:

Motherwort – helps with hormonal moodiness.  When you feel that no matter what happens, you will remain moody and grumpy, then this is the herb for you.

Skullcap – helps with nervous agitation.  If you feel easily agitated, have butterflies in your stomach or feel generally nervous, then this is the herb for you.

Lavender – helps if you feel stuck in your sadness.  Lavender, taken over a few weeks, can help lift your spirits and get you out of your funk.

Rose – can make you feel overall contentment and happiness.

Mimosa Bark – can bring joy to your heart and make you feel happier.  This herb is does not make you feel ‘high’, it just helps you discover the joy in your life; so that you do not wallow in sadness.

Holy Basil – is useful for mental fog, menopausal anxiety, and sad depression.

Rosemary – is beneficial in circulating blood to the brain, and also helps with symptoms of cloudy thinking and depression.

Have you ever taken herbs to boost your mood?

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