10 Places To Look for a Man: No Internet Connection Necessary
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10 Places To Look for a Man: No Internet Connection Necessary

As a busy single mom, it seems like finding and dating a good man is the furthest thing from your current reality. Who has time for romance when you’re running down the hall after a toddler or making sure that you’re teen isn’t making bad decisions?


The happy couples in the eHarmony and Match.com ads are starting to wear you down and you’re strongly considering the whole online dating thing. But wait! Before you submit your love life to the gods of the World Wide Web, check out these options for meeting potential partners, without resorting to awkward online profiles.

Take A Class

Going back to school is the perfect way to find like-minded individuals who also happen to be male. Not only will you learn more about an area of interest or develop practical skills, you’ll get a chance to interact with potential partners who are already passionate about the same things as you. Sounds like a win-win!

Go to Church (or other religious institution)

Becoming more involved in your local church will give you more of the community you’re seeking and introduce you to groups just for singles. You can meet men who share the same core values as yourself. Plus, there’s usually Sunday school or childcare available for your little ones. 

Public Transportation

Now if you have to sit next to a stranger for several hours – be it a plane, train, or bus – he might as well be interesting and attractive. Public transit brings people together from all walks of life that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Next time, instead of immediately putting in your earphones, chat up the guy next to you and see where it goes.

Community Groups

Whether you like hiking, wine-tasting, or classical music, chances are there is a group close by that organizes events for people like you. If you’re passionate about volunteering, your dream guy may be waiting for you at the next event you participate in, most likely with a heart as golden as your own.

The Dog Park (or the Kid Park too)

Next time you take Spot for a run to burn off some energy, check out the local dog park. Your pup may even make introductions for you as he mingles with the other canines AND the other owners. The playground down the street may be a promising location for single dads as well. 

Use Your Friends

No one knows you better than your long-time sidekicks. Make sure to ask around in your own network to see if they know of any single men that might be compatible with you. You’ll avoid creeps and gain the seal of approval from your best bud. 

Travel Groups

These days, traveling alone has not only lost it’s stigma, but even been celebrated. (Eat, Pray, Love anyone?) There are tons of trips available for singles of all age groups that are the perfect place to have an adventure and maybe a whirlwind romance too. If your kids aren’t too young, ask Grandma for a major baby-sitting favor and go off for a week on your own!

Running Errands

Next time you run to the grocery store, maybe ditch the sweats and put on a little mascara. While you’re picking up your weekly supply of 2% milk in the dairy aisle, you might just run into a cute stranger doing his own shopping. You might even be able to tip him off to a current sale on his favorite food item, winning him over through his stomach and his wallet.


Who doesn’t like the intellectual type? Head over to Barnes and Noble, load up on some educational books for your tot, and head over to the adult aisles to scope out the surroundings. The handsome man around the corner may even have the same favorite author as you.

Sporting Events

Men love sports. Plain and simple. By participating in a recreational league or going to a professional game, there will be more than enough guys around to talk to. Hey, you may even meet a single dad at your child’s next soccer game. Keep your eyes peeled!

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