Chyler Leigh Finds Mommy Support in Co-Star Ellen Pompeo
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Chyler Leigh Finds Mommy Support in Co-Star Ellen Pompeo

Between working long hours on the Grey’s Anatomy set and husband Nathan West’s busy schedule, actress Chyler Leigh knows when it’s time to hire help to raise her three children: Noah, 7, Taelyn, 4, and Anniston, 22 months.

“We just had to hire a second nanny, two of our kids are special needs, so it’s been a bit challenging for my husband and I,” Chyler, 28, tells PARADE.

“He’s working as well, he produces, and between the workload and trying to take time for my husband and I to actually get out and do something together, it takes a village. I’m lucky if I get to sit down at some point during the day.”

Chyler is grateful for the help, and for the support from co-star and fellow mom Ellen Pompeo.

“Oh my gosh, we’re constantly talking about kids. It’s a perpetual conversation. It’s literally all we talk about,” Chyler says. “We swap stories and pictures and we laugh a lot. When you start to see the best and worst qualities of yourself personified in a little human being, it makes for some really interesting and hysterical conversation.”

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