Cravings & the Sex of the Baby
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Cravings & the Sex of the Baby

Long before ultrasounds were common, moms wanted to know whether they were carrying a boy or a girl. During the many months of waiting to find out, they created many myths that they hoped gave clues as to their cravings and the sex of the baby. One such old wives’ tale involves what mom craves during pregnancy. And it works the same as it did in past generations to give moms who don’t know the sex a fun activity to try to guess the sex. Just don’t rely on it too as a reliable gender prediction.

Cravings & the Sex of the Baby

Sweets and Girls

Craving sweets, such as candy, cookies and ice cream points to mom having a girl. Maybe this myth came from the idea that girls are sweeter than boys. Check your cabinets after grocery shopping; if it’s full of surgery snacks, this old wives’ tale says to paint the nursery pink.

Salty, Sour, Meat and Boys

If you find yourself reaching for a bag of chips rather than a bag of cookies, you might be carrying a boy. Opposite to the craving of sweets, the myth about craving salty, sour and meaty foods says you are having a boy. So if you find that a cheeseburger loaded with pickles and a lemonade sound perfect for dinner, by this myth you should paint the nursery blue.

Resisting Cravings

To continue with the cravings being related to the baby’s wants and needs is the old wives’ tale that not indulging will have lasting consequences. According to this myth, if you don’t consume what you crave your baby will have a birthmark in that food’s shape. So not eating pickles, when you really want to, means you’ll deliver a baby boy with a pickle-shaped birthmark, according to this tall tale.

Changes in Cravings

The fact that during pregnancy your cravings can change, even from day to day, makes using them to predict the sex of your baby difficult, even if used for fun. If you really want to see if your food cravings offer insight into whether you are having a boy or girl, you’ll have to keep track of the cravings. One idea is to keep a tally of boy cravings compared with girl cravings on the refrigerator door to check off each day.

What Food Cravings Really Mean

Despite research in the reasons behind pregnancy cravings, no clear reason for a pregnant mom’s desire for certain foods is known, according to the WebMD website. Mostly likely, all it really means is that your pregnancy hormones are making you think you must eat certain foods, a simple pregnancy symptom. What is known is that food cravings can’t really predict a baby’s gender.

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