Skip the Vacation and Take a Staycation!
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Skip the Vacation and Take a Staycation!

With summer right around the corner, the whole family is probably looking forward to a vacation. But there’s one slight problem. Gas is on the rise and a family vacation this year is looking to be a little more expensive than it may have been previous years.

The solution? Try a staycation. Though you may think that you know your hometown inside and out, there are likely to be many gems that you’ve never even heard of or just haven’t had the time to visit. The beauty in a staycation, other than the fact that it’s far more cost effective than jet setting across the country, is it enables you to experience home in a way that you haven’t before. Who doesn’t love gaining a new perspective?

Ideas for staycations will vary depending on where you live, but hopefully there’s something in this list that is both appealing and doable!

6 Ideas for a Staycation

1. Go exploring. Go to that art museum that’s a few blocks down and check out the new exhibit. Even if you’re not near the Getty or MOCA, there’s bound to be a little art gallery that’s close by. Travel by bike or foot instead of a car. Bask in the sun like you would if you were on vacation. Check out that trail with that view that your friends are always raving about. You finally have the time and the whole family could use a little exercise. Bring a camera to document the adventure! You don’t have to travel to Yosemite to discover a gorgeous view.

2. RELAX. Take a break from your every day responsibilities, pour yourself a cold beverage, kick up your feet, and breathe. Put on your favorite CD, pull out some board games and enjoy the own comforts of your home. If your family vacations usually involve being in the outdoors, create a mock camping grounds by setting up a tent in the backyard. Just be sure you have plenty of smores on hand!

3. Eat at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at, but skipped out on so you could save the money. One perk about vacations it not having to worry about what’s on the menu for dinner, you can just go out to a near-by restaurant and let them take care of you. You deserve that same perk if you opt for a staycation than vacation. Give yourself a break and make a reservation at that restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at. Don’t forget to order dessert! (YOU DESERVE IT!)

4. Google fun things to do around your area. Who says you can’t be a tourist in your own hometown? You may not know it, but there may be a local drive-in theater. For LA residents, movie screenings are held at Hollywood Forever Cemetery during the summer. A lot of communities hold Concerts in the Park, which are great opportunities to meet people in your own community, bond with your very own family, and have your ears pleased all at the same time.

5. Go to a local amusement park. No matter how close of far, going to an amusement park always feels like a mini-vacation. Your kids might beg you to go the Harry Potter Park in Florida, but they won’t even bring it up once they’re at a nearby water amusement park. They’ll be too busy having a blast to even remember that they’re on a staycation instead of vacation.

6. Do you love being pampered on family vacations? Turn your home into your own personal spa. Have the whole family throw on comfty robes and hop in the spa. Make some mocktails with the family. Create the environment that you imagine when you think of a vacation in your very own home, and it’ll be as if you’re actually in that environment. Get creative!

Tips for a Successful Staycation

Schedule start and end dates. When planning a vacation far away from home, there is always a start and end date so do the same for your staycation. Having distinct dates will make it feel like you really are on vacation and make you appreciate each moment more than you would otherwise.

Resist the temptation of doing any kind of tedious home-task. YOU’RE ON VACATION! And don’t you forget it. Take a break from polishing the whole house, vacuuming, or gardening. It is absolutely okay to take a break because you wouldn’t be doing these things if you were away on vacation.

Document all of your adventures! Nobody goes on a family vacation without a loaded camera. Even if you’re not traveling far, remember to snap plenty of photos of all the activities. You’ll want something to look back on and remember what a wonderful idea a staycation was.

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